The Purpose


At age 35 I have started a new life in a foreign country,  I am a  mom of two boys, the wife of a pilot and an entrepreneur.  Reinventing and redesigning my life are challenges that have helped me grow the most. I believe in the power of words and positive affirmations and truly feel they have made a positive impact on my journey. I have no doubt that spreading the message will make a positive impact on others too.  Mindset is everything.

In this content era, listening to podcasts, social media channels, among others, has been an amazing way to start learning and connecting with people from different cultures and inspiring stories from all around the world.  This learning process has helped me put into action my ideas.  This is how Anitsworld was born; a space for design, creativity and empowerment.  My goal is to use my talent to create meaningful products that can make us live in a better world, build meaningful relationships and give back.

Give Back.  Its not only about spreading the good but about making a tangible impact.  For every product we sell, a portion of every profit goes to @alimentavenezuela.  We are proud to be part of the amazing job they do.