Brand Services

Branding Consulting
Discover you at the core. 1x1 / 60 min.
Learn the steps to build a successful branding,
the right kick-off for you to get you started.
We understand our client’s goals and objectives.
We create a plan.  You get questions answered.
We talk about your business, competitors, target market and goals. 
I guide you to choose the right team for your project.

Visual Identity Pack
1x1 Consulting for strategy.
Moodboard: This is how we define personality and style.
Know your audience, send the right message.
Creating your Brand Personality.
Color proposal right for your project.
Choosing the right typography.
Full Range of Final Logo Files (for Print + Socilal Media)
2 Pattern Designs or Textures
Office Branding Proposal
Full range of social media files.
Brand Style Guide.

Office Branding
It’s important for your office to speak to your brand. Furthermore, working in a unique, dynamic space could have real boosts to productivity.  Effective workplace branding changes the entire working environment and can have an impact on employees’ performance, beyond your expectations.  A working environment that is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing will be conducive to a more motivated and. therefore. more productive workforce.  It is how your office represents the visions and values of your company. Office branding uplifts the energy of your workplace and provides a constant reminder of the goals to be achieved.